42” Emergency Sealing Clamp – Study

The IK Engineering and IK Subsea teams delivered a study report for a 42 inch Emergency Sealing Clamp.  The designed tool uses a single compression gasket, sealing off the 360 degrees circumference around the insulation joint at the “outlet” gap. This compression seal is activated by the steel setting ring and 24 tensioning bolts.

Detailed, high quality study report delivered to our customer resulted in the awarded project.


Scope of work for IK Engineering


  • Design of 42 inch emergency sealing clamp, test rig and installation set
  • FEA analysis and design report
  • Study report
  • Project documentation work
Emergency Sealing Clamp size

42 inch

Design Pressure

156,8 bar

Test Pressure

235.2 bar

Installation place


Weight (in air)

approx. 4500 kg

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