Our competencies guarantee efficient project execution

IK Engineering is an integral part of IK Group. We work in collaboration across the entire Group, serving teams in 7 locations across 4 continents. Conceptual and detailed design, coupled with our in-house procurement team means we can give you all the answers you need for complex challenges.

Extensive industry experience, including energy, hydrogen and wind, enables us to proactively assist with and respond to RFQ’s, design solutions and tooling, and complete project overviews including procurement, assembly, delivery and washup.

Project management

Our project management skills have been honed by years of experience. We have gained industry knowledge by being hands on and pro-active. We manage the processes, methods, and skills, and have the knowledge and experience to achieve specific project objectives according to the project acceptance criteria within agreed parameters.

Supply chain management

By their very nature, the energy and renewable industries pose unique challenges, including remote locations, unpredictable weather, and extreme conditions but also in terms of compliance with strict environmental, health and safety regulations.

It is essential for project success that the correct materials are selected and that they perform when they are required every time without failure. IK Engineering have a proven and enviable record of delivering consistently on time and within budget.

We have complete visibility over the entire supply chain from raw material sourcing within our network of suppliers, to manufacturing and delivery. Take a closer look at our track record.