We engineer a brighter future

Our success is built upon solutions that works in real life. It’s a line of trust which leads to long lasting customer relationships. That requires a common mind-set. A common goal that drives us as company.

For IK Engineering that vision is to engineer a brighter future. For our company. For us individually. For our clients. And for the society.

IK Engineering is just a small piece in a big picture. Yet, we’ll make our mark. To succeed we need three essential components: intelligence, competence and enthusiasm:


  • Intelligence to know precisely what to do.
  • Competence to put it into practice.
  • Enthusiasm for delivering good solutions to our customers.


They manifest our values and guide our daily actions!


A regenerative health and safety culture

To maintain safety in our operations, we have accurate knowledge of the environment and potential risk conditions. Reliable methods, procedures and instruments are vital to safety and security – as is the human factor. That’s why we cultivate a regenerative health and safety culture.