12 inch Compact Sealing Clamps

IK Subsea delivered 15x 12-inch Sealing Clamps with a temporary installation frame and custom made buoyancy units.


The Compact Sealing Clamps work by direct sealing/patching onto the pin hole/crack. This is a signature method for IK Subsea and is very efficient with respect to dimensions and weights of the clamp and the equipment.


Since the installation of clamps was performed on a vertical riser and there was a wide arrangement of clamps to be installed, additional equipment including a lifting frame, positioning clamp and buoyancy was designed & delivered.


By the end of the project, 15 identical Compact Sealing Clamps were delivered and installed by the ROV on the leaking locations.


 Scope of work for IK Engineering


  • Design of 12in Compact Sealing Clamp and Positioning Clamp
  • Design of installation frame
  • Design of buoyancy units
  • FEA analysis and design report
  • Project documentation work
  • Bids collection and production coordination for Compact Sealing Clamps (15 pcs.)
  • Production follow up, reporting and quality control
Compact Sealing Clamp size

12 inch

Design Pressure

245 bar

Test Pressure

367.5 bar

Sealed pipe diameter

324 mm

Installation water depth

117 – 593 m

Weight (Clamp, in water)

appro. 270 kg

Weight (Clamp with Buoyancy Set, in water)

appro. 50kg

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