ROV Pipe Jack

IK Subsea delivered a bespoke jack for subsea pipe lifting. Designed for ROV operation with  construction including buoyancy material which helped to reduce the overall tool weight.  This ensures efficient pipe jack use in the subsea environment.

The ROV pipe jack had two hydraulic circuits to be powered from the ROV:


  • System for pipe gripping
  • System for pipe lifting

The pipe gripping system included one hydraulic cylinder to activate the pipe grippers and to maintain the grip on the pipe.  The lifting system consisted of two hydraulic cylinders suitable for lifting the pipe approximately 500mm at full lift. The contact feet of both cylinders were mounted on a swivel to accommodate some unevenness in the contact surface.


Scope of work for IK Engineering

  • Design of ROV pipe jack
  • FEA analysis and design report
  • Project documentation work
Weight (in air)

340 kg

Weight (in water)

49 kg

Lifting capacity

10 Te

Diameter of pipe for lifting

324 mm (±10 mm) (12 inch)

Depth rating

190 m (buoyancy material limit)

Hydraulic Interface

Receptacle Ø35

Working, input pressure (at max. lifting capacity)

180 bar

Max hydraulic pressure

250 bar (cylinders limit)

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