Subsea Lifting Tool

IK Subsea delivered 15 Lifting Tools for the recovery, handling and decommissioning of flexible risers and flowlines with no end fitting, connectors or pulling heads.


The Lifting Tool attaches to the flexible outer sheathing without any other support. The load is then transferred through friction from the tool and the outer layers of the flexible and into the tension armoring.


The Lifting Tools were fitted with the interface for an ISO 13628-8 Class 4 Torque Tool.


Delivered Lifting Tools were designed to suit two different flexible diameters (2 inch and 6 inch) and two different maximum pulling load parameters (from 20 Te to 33,5 Te).


Tool type  Diameter with tolerances Max Load
10″ 365.1mm +/- 5% 33,5 Te
6” 223.5mm +/- 2.5% 20 Te
6” 235.5mm +/- 2.5% 20 Te




Scope of work for IK Engineering


  • Design Lifting Tool parts
  • Project documentation work

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