AOGV 06C400

An IK Engineering-designed 6″ Class 400 AOGV was utilized for operations in the USA. The cast iron ball valve, which prevented internal leakage and maintenance on one of three pumps in a refinery’s cooling system, was causing operational issues. Two pumps could not adequately cool the entire plant, so a conventional shutdown was planned to replace the valve. However, it provided a purpose-built AOGV mechanical isolation tool that allowed the leaking valve to be isolated from the system. This enabled the customer to conduct maintenance without disrupting production. IK Engineering played a crucial role in the design and production process.


 Scope of work for IK Engineering


  • 3d scanning preparation of location
  • Design of 6” Class 400 AOGV
  • Project documentation
  • Bids collection and production coordination
  • Production follow-up, reporting, and quality control

1303 mm x 565 mm x 565 mm
[51.3 in 22.25 in x 22.25 in]


590 kg / 1300 lbs

Flange Class

ASME B16.5 class 150

Design Code

PED 2014/68/EU/ – EN 13445

Design Pressure

50 bar / 725 psi

Design Temperature

-29°C to +200 °C / -20°F to +392°F

Body Material

Pressure Steel



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